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Astrology and Us

By Audrina Sese September 29, 2018

Dive into the essence of astrology with us and find out some cool facts about your own.

What is astrology?

The word Astrology was derived from the word Astron which is from Greek meaning Star.

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, Astrology means:

the ancient practice of studying the movements and positions of the sunmoonplanets, and stars in the belief that they influence human behaviour.

Astrology uses your birthdate to create an astrological chart as a structural system to understand ones’ personality and behaviour.

It is a complex system that involved mathematics and ancient wisdom.

The ones who understand this system are called Astrologers.

They’re the ones who are able to identify your core essence as an individual by knowing your birthdate.

Even though the topic of Astrology often gain different views and perspective from different parties...

Often than most,

You will hear stories of how having a basic understanding of Astrology helps them to get a better understanding of themselves and how it has benefited them in their life.

Why are people interested in the Astrology?

Humans always look for something that they can refer to when they’re in pain or in a state of confusion.

A guide to advice them on what to do, when they caught themselves saying “what now?” after a bad day...

Astrology seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel...

Especially for those who are just trying to find who they are and their role in society.

By understanding more about themselves using the knowledge that the Astrology provides, they will be able to feel a sense of belonging in a society

They will understand the reasons why they behave a certain way and how to make things better for them in the future.

Somehow, with the complex system that Astrology possesses, it gave the information and assurance about the future...

That, perhaps things will get better...

And hope is not lost.

How accurate is Astrology?

In a nutshell, the knowledge of Astrology can help a person to understand the harmony between their inner core and their external core.

A person can use the knowledge of Astrology to focus on why things happen in their life and how they can improve from their current situation.

So, to say Astrology is accurate in predicting someone’s future or their behavioural pattern.

It's hard to say...

Not to say that Astrology is “superstitious nonsense”.

Astrology can be accurate because the basic theories on describing the traits, strengths and weaknesses of those 12 zodiac signs have been shown as valid...

Many times...

However, there are many variables that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to accuracy in any theories...

What I’m trying to say is that Astrology helps to provide useful insights that challenge us to see another perspective of how life could be…

A tool that encourages us...

To look forward to our future and take active action for a better future.




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